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The Solar Panel Installation Process - Explained

Solar Panel Installation Process

Instances of severe weather conditions, melting glaciers, destructive wildfires, and extreme higher temperatures are becoming more and more common these days. All these signs lead to only one cause: the changing climate.

However, there's still something we can do as a nation: switch to solar energy. Solar power offers an environmentally friendly and inexhaustible alternative to energy provided by burning fossil fuels. The extensive list of advantages supplied by solar is undeniably revolutionary and truly a game-changer. So, if you're looking to jump on the solar bandwagon and are wondering what the solar power installation process looks like, read on.

The Solar Power Installation Process

For a property owner, switching to solar panels represents an exciting new step. The process generally entails many stages and visits along the route, depending on your city and state permitting process. However, the process of actually installing solar panels often takes no more than a couple of days. Once you've chosen a reliable installer like Solar Connect, the excitement really begins.

The Site Evaluation/Assessment

First things first, the purpose of the site evaluation/assessment procedure is to carefully evaluate your property and determine whether or not it has the appropriate physical orientation to support the installation of a solar panel system.

During this step, we evaluate the proposed site's solar energy potential based on factors including the electrical system, location, and any predicted shade. Simply put, the site evaluation at Solar Connect is structured to identify the following regions.

  • Roof Analysis (Roof Type, Space, and Condition)

  • Production Estimates (Azimuth, Shading, and Roof Planes)

  • Electrical System Analysis (Breakers, Load Center, and Grounding)

The Permitting Process

Even though solar installation is linked to the electricity grid, the system cannot be switched "on" without first obtaining inspection and authorization from the local utility company. This stage of installing solar panels is unique to citizens of the USA and may often take the most time since it involves coordinating with several parties, arranging appointments, and dealing with backlogs.

Unfortunately, according to the National Electrical Code Requirements for Texas State, being a solar panel installer in Texas, we cannot connect your solar panels to the grid even if you authorize them to do so from the utility. This procedure will take around 2-3 weeks in Texas; however, depending on the schedule of the utility provider, this might happen sooner or later. (Fingers crossed!)

The Beginning of Solar Panel Installation

To begin with solar panel installation, the installers at Solar Connect will put metal rails on the rooftop to provide a stable base for the solar panels. Moving forward, these rails will be joined to the building using specific bolts or screws designed for solar installation purposes (note that there is no need for alarm since these screws and bolts are designed to pierce the roof). As part of the solar installation process, our installers will ensure that any holes relevant to the task are adequately sealed.

While attaching solar panels to the roof, other team members will begin installing the various electrical components, including the inverter, conduit, and wire vital to connect solar panels to the electrical system. Finally, if necessary, the crew members will install the batteries and link them for backup power in case of a power outage or when circumstances are not optimal for solar energy generation.

The Final Step

Finally, our installers will finish installing solar panels by fastening the panels to the metal rails and connecting the electrical conduits leading from the electrical panel to the inverter. In addition to this, they will test the system and make any necessary modifications and alterations.

Lastly, our technician will examine the system, including checking the mounting hardware to ensure it was fitted correctly during the process. To ensure that your roof’s integrity is preserved, this also entails checking to see whether any roof penetrations were improperly sealed. After that, the crew will comprehensively clean your property, removing any and all installation traces.

Interconnection of Solar Panel System

This step is not a part of the installation process but is definitely essential. The solar system will be subjected to a final examination carried out by the Local Building Department and the municipal or county government during the following few weeks to ensure that it was appropriately installed.

The utility company will place you on their installation schedule for the net meter and the connection of your solar power system to the utility's primary power grid as soon as your system has passed this inspection and received a passing grade. After that, you may relax and enjoy the advantages of having cleaner, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly solar power.

Make Installation a Breeze with Solar Financing

At Solar Connect, our Solar Financing Programs are intended to assist in offsetting the initial cost of solar panel installation and make the adoption of solar energy more financially feasible. Customers may use solar loans to finance the purchase of solar panels with little to no money down and then pay back the loan, plus interest, over many years.

Third-party financing options include solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Under these arrangements, a solar company owns, operates, and maintains the solar panel system on your rooftop, and in exchange, you agree to pay for the electricity that the system generates at a predetermined rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it: a detailed guide on the solar panel installation process. As alternative energy becomes increasingly widespread, more individuals in the United States are turning to solar energy systems. Planning to go solar is a significant decision that may considerably affect your residential, industrial, or commercial space, and the process may seem overwhelming—that's where we come in.

Solar Panel Installation @ Solar Connect

At Solar Connect, we provide stellar service and reliable solar panels that further your efforts to reduce energy costs. The installation of solar panels using our standard technique consists of six phases, and we take care of all the details for you.

So, if you're located anywhere near Texas and are looking for a good deal on solar panel installation, get in touch with us. We've been in business for 15 years, aiming to save the mother earth with industry-leading solar power installation and energy solutions.

Solar Connect


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