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Hello, future clean energy champion. We understand that many people would love to go solar. But, you should have questions such as;
Will solar energy actually save me money?

Is there any upfront cost to add solar to my home?

Are there federal and state incentives to help pay for my solar system and make it a cost-saving asset?

How does a residential solar system actually work?

These are all very smart questions that every consumer should ask during their solar Journey. At solar connect, we believe in making the switch to solar savings simple easy, and straightforward. When you request a free solar quote from solar connect, you might be pleasantly surprised at our approach.

We do not believe in attempting to convince everyone that solar is right for their home or energy needs. We believe in educating homeowners and businesses about the benefits of solar and providing them with a free customized solar report that analyzes whether or not solar is a good fit for your home or business.

And, if it is a good fit wonderful. But, if it is not a good fit then we will outright tell you and possibly suggest other alternative options.

In a nutshell, when dealing with Solar Connect you can rest assured that you are working with people who value honesty, and integrity, and whose purpose is to help people instead of trying to sell you something you do not need. 

But, there's only one way to truly find out and that is to fill out the quote request above and a friendly, knowledgeable solar specialist will reach out to you and tell you the real truth about how solar might or might not be able to benefit you or your business. 

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