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Pros and Cons of Getting Solar

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Pros and Cons of Getting Solar

We're living in 2022 and heading toward the end of our natural reserves. We must look for alternatives because we need to save reserves for future generations. If we use up all of our resources, we will find it rather difficult to survive, let alone thrive. There are many alternatives, but there's one that we will never run out of – the sun!

We need to know what we're getting into so let's understand what solar power is, how solar panels work, and the pros and cons of getting on this pathway.

Solar Energy

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the level of sunlight that hits the Earth within 90 minutes is just about enough to serve the entire globe's consumption for an entire year.

The office also discusses two different types of solar energy technologies.

1) Photovoltaic Energy

2) Solar-Thermal Power

Solar Panels

According to the American Chemical Society, Solar panels are typically a series of arrays placed next to each other and situated on top of roofs of residential or commercial buildings.

These solar panels typically consist of a material known as semiconductors. Semiconductors have limited ability to conduct current. Semiconductors are constructed from crystalline silicon. In layman's terms, crystalline silicon is essentially a silicon crystal. Each silicon crystal consists of a silicon atom that is bonded with four more silicon atoms, and every bond has a pair of shared electrons.

This accounts for what one would say is a stable configuration. Limited ability comes from these electrons having very little authority to move and is limited to just their bonds.

Now that we know the internal constructs of solar panels let's discuss the pros and cons of including solar power in our lives.


i. Renewable Source

Well, let's first breathe a sigh of relief! Solar power is a renewable energy source, so we're never going to run out of it unless the sun stops showing up one dark day! If you have access to the sun, then regardless of where you are in the world, you can gain access to solar power and bring about environmental change in your own way.

ii. Home Value Spikes Up

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office discusses the spike in your home value if you have a solar panel. A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggested that buyers pay in premium if a house has a solar panel.

iii. Low Electricity Bills

Don't worry about paying 1/4th of your income in bills because solar power is the shoulder you'd lean on now. Since you'll be generating much of your electricity through solar power, the numbers on your electricity bills will significantly drop.

iv. Pro-Environment

Solar power is environmentally friendly. Then how can we not go for it? According to the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, solar power can remarkably lower the level of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. Here's a fact: you significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions with every kilowatt-hour of solar generation. This includes sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

v. Low Maintenance Cost

Solar panels don't need high maintenance. Taking care of them is relatively easy, and they need only be cleaned a few times a year. You will also not fall prey to frequently damaged parts because solar panels are not subjected to wear and tear.


i. Need A Roof

You might have a problem if you have a roof covered with shade. You will need to be careful with your location and make sure that there is ample access to the sun and will be. Solar power cannot be generated if generous exposure to the sun is compromised.

ii. Functions During The Day

While it is true that solar panels reserve energy for the night, you will still have to be cautious. Solar power cannot be your source of energy 24 hours a day. This is because solar panels require sunlight to retrieve energy to convert into electricity. The energy captured during the day can be used at night, but it is important to note that reserves will be used up at that point.

iii. Wide Surface Area

Solar panels take up a lot of space. Can the roof of your residence suffice? Is there enough space on your roof? As for companies, a wide surface area is required. The more energy you require, the wider the surface area should be. If you don't have enough space, then you might have to put this thought to rest.

Question In Perspective

Solar power has many uses. It's all about if you need it in your life. Weigh out the pros and the cons. See what fits you best. Can you afford the initial cost? Because the cost after the initial installation is sufficiently low, you can work out your finances. It pollutes the environment way less than the energy sources we currently use.

If you mean to invest in solar energy, check out Solar Connect. It has a variety of solar products. They're high quality and the right place to put your money at. We get it can be frustrating to find a place you can trust, but Solar Connect is passionate about what they do and put out. However, if you are unsure whether you should invest in solar energy, check them out to ease your heart. Solar Connect is the expert you need to reach out to.

You can contact them at Info@SolarConnect.Energy or call them at (888) 528-4101.

You can also speak to one of the experts are your service. They can help guide you in the direction you need to be.

Key Understanding

Solar energy is also a renewable energy source, and that's a huge bonus because you'd be killing two birds with one stone that way. Solar Power is also trending, and 2023 is about making daring choices.

So, sit down with your notebook, write down your priorities, and if solar power fits into any. At the end of the day, the decision will be yours.

If you are looking for solar panels, and are living in the Texas area, visit their office or reach out to them via email.

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