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Why Tesla Is Not the Best Solar Panel Company

Buying solar panels and batteries from a local solar company

local solar company, such as Solar Connect, is better. You might argue that Tesla’s solar panels seem pretty affordable while promising to offer the best capacity, but that is not entirely true.

Let’s look at why Tesla is not the best solar panel company for buying solar panels and batteries and where else you can find a reasonably priced solar system.

Deceptive Power Capacity Advertising

Any company that does not openly and fairly advertise its solar system’s power capacity cannot be deemed the best solar panel company. Tesla installs a solar panel system that generates the promised power. However, the inverter the company uses with the system to convert the DC power into AC power for your consumption can convert significantly less kW of peak production.

Installing a smaller converter with a more extensive solar panel system is known as inverter overdriving. Its purpose is to save money since adding a second inverter is costlier than adding more panels. The issue stems from the fact that Tesla does not advertise this reduced capacity. The company’s use of a smaller inverter causes reduced energy conversion during peak hours, resulting in inverter clipping, i.e., a flat top on the solar generation graph due to the lack of a larger inverter.

Moreover, since Tesla uses string inverters, it causes dips in the solar generation graphs. A string inverter involves hooking multiple panels together as a group to an inverter rather than hooking them up individually. The division of the panels in your solar system will depend on your inverter’s capacity to utilize MPPTs or maximum power point trackers.

Tesla’s solar panel grouping matters because if even one panel is in the shade, it will affect the overall energy production due to the use of a string inverter. Since the inverter has to modulate the voltage of the entire string, the efficiency is significantly affected. Typically, you should have more individual groups in a string inverter setup to account for the lower energy production due to cloud cover and shade. However, due to inverter overdriving, Tesla typically uses more solar panels in a group based on the MPPT capacity of the inverter, resulting in more significant dips during cloud cover.

You Only Get the Solar Panel with Battery, Not Without It

Think again if you plan to invest in a Tesla powerwall for your existing solar system. You cannot buy Tesla’s powerwall without solar panels or solar shingles. The powerwall is sold as part of a bundle with the solar panels and vice versa. So, if you want to purchase a powerwall, you will also have to buy a solar panel with a battery.

Moreover, since the powerwall is not cheap, it also adds to the price of the panels. Instead of spending so much money, you can look at a reliable local Tesla powerwall alternative that will go well with your existing solar panel system. If you want the panels without the powerwall, you will not get that option at Tesla. The powerwall isn’t even strictly needed in areas where electricity seldom goes. So, it’s just an added expense to the overall solar system price.

Higher Annual Degradation Rate

Wondering, “how long are solar panels good for?” Well, Tesla has a 25—year warranty for its solar panels. According to this warranty, its solar panels should operate at no less than 98% of their original rated power after the initial year. For the residual 24 years of the warranty, the power capacity of the panels is supposed to not decrease by more than 0.54% yearly.

Even though this percentage might appear per industry standards, most solar panels have a yearly degradation rate of 0.50%. Comparatively, Tesla’s even slightly higher rate is not a good sign, especially when the company banks on its name to promote itself as the best solar panel provider. When it comes to degradation rate, the lower your panel’s power capacity degradation rate is, the better its performance will be in the years to come. So, it’s always better to go with a local solar company that offers a lower annual degradation rate.

No Critter Guards

Tesla does not install a critter guard around its solar panels. It means that all sorts of small birds and rodents can find their way under the panels and create their habitats, destroying the panels along the way. The best solar panel companies always go the extra mile to offer you complete protection for the panels.

Tesla’s Notorious Customer Service

Tesla’s customer service for its solar products is lacking on multiple fronts. The company is notorious for making people wait weeks and months to hear from their service representatives regarding issues or questions about their solar panels or powerwalls. While this isn’t always the case, it happens more than enough for people to look at better local solar companies that are more reliable and transparent.

Additionally, Tesla has a habit of changing its pricing structure. For instance, the company introduced price hikes of around 75% for homeowners who had already signed the contracts to buy its solar roof. Only after a class action lawsuit did Tesla agree to honor its original contract pricing. It is certainly not the type of customer service and reliability you expect from a business that banks on its name to be considered the best solar panel company in the market.

Moreover, even though you might be tempted to choose Tesla’s solar panels and powerwall for their low price, you must also consider the cost of the long-term relationship you will need to have with the solar installer. It’s the department where Tesla lacks severely. It’s historically had a pretty terrible record of long-term customer service, which could be due to the company’s scale, but that does not excuse the poor quality of one-on-one service you will need when going solar.

When installing solar panels, you don’t want to face problems when trying to get in touch with the person in charge of your systems down the line. What if your panels are not operating at the capacity they should or have some issue that needs immediate addressing? Delays in such circumstances can lead you to lose substantial money. After all, if your solar panels are not producing enough energy, you will have less power for your home, resulting in a higher electricity bill. The longer the company takes to fix your system, the more money you stand to lose. A local solar company will provide you with one-on-one, quick service to solve your woes.

Why Solar Connect Is Better

If you’re looking for competitively priced solar panels and powerwalls, you must put your trust in Solar Connect. We are a reliable local solar installation company that can provide you with top-quality solar equipment with no hidden costs. We not only have reasonably-priced solar panels but can also provide you with a powerwall alternative. Our solar technicians understand that each house or commercial property has unique solar energy needs and requires a custom solar solution to meet their goals.

Unlike Tesla’s customer service, we will listen and cater to your requirements and walk you through the solar solution’s pre-installation, installation, and post-installation period. Our solar technicians will explain everything to you courteously and professionally, including the cost of the solar panels, how they operate, and which system we will use for your property. Our solar consultant will answer all your queries and appease all your concerns about solar power.

So, end your search for “local solar companies near me,” and let us help you make an informed decision to incorporate solar power into your property. Connect with us today!

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